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Oooook, I have a request that I don't think has been made before. Does anyone have ZooRadio? I only have it on a cassette tape somewhere in the trenches of my room, and it was an awesome show with alot of really good performances.
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Hello! I'm new in this community and this is my first post, so if I do something wrong just tell me.

I went to U2's concert in Montreal in november and I'm making a kind of cd of all the songs they played. I'm looking for 5 songs.

- The Cry

- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for

- Miss Sarajevo

- Mysterious Ways

- Love Will Tear Us Apart

If anyone has versions of those songs live from any Vertigo tour concerts, I'll appreciate it. Thanks.

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I have some fairly crappy-quality Vancouver 04/28 bootlegs available. Does anyone have anything a bit more high-quality? Not that I'm a beggar being a chooser, but it never hurts to ask. :)
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sj 4/10

i know that someone posted a few days ago the 4/10 san jose show, but it's expired now, and i was curious if anyone could possibly repost it, since i really wanted to get a copy, it was an amazing show. thanks!
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